Business Risk Services

Managing risk, demonstrating performance and having effective management systems are all key to an organization’s success. For many, they are now also a regulatory requirement.
G.C LTD’s objective risk assessment helps you spot and avoid potential problems. We can advise you on your approach check the reliability of your systems and evaluate the performance of your team and organization.
We will work closely with you to achieve practical solutions that are focused on your objectives and ambitions. Our internal audit of your organization provides not just a quick fix but a long-term supportive relationship that generates lasting value for your business.
When conducting an internal audit, risk review or providing advice on internal control, we first get to know your organization. We work towards understanding your goals, needs and regulatory requirements. In this way, we can provide services and solutions that are tailored and targeted to your circumstances.
A G.C Ltd internal audit comprises four different but interconnected areas:

  • Risk
  • Investigation
  • Improvement
  • Assurance.

We help you to avoid learning lessons the hard way. Through G.C Ltd, you can draw on the experience of many different organizations, to apply this wealth of knowledge and best practice to your specific case to help you identify and manage your risks successfully.
We will test the operation of key controls and ensure your compliance with key procedures. Our comprehensive internal audit service also gives you an evaluation of your business continuity plans, combined code compliance, grant compliance and more.
We advise your firm on control design and implementation, governance or efficiency by finding the best way to do it within your circumstances. We do not offer off-the-shelf solutions, as these can never match those that are made to measure. In G.C Ltd’s eyes, every organization is unique.
When systems, processes or units do not work as intended, we focus on finding the root causes of the failures. In other words, rather than apportioning blame, we discover what it was in the system that allowed an error to arise and cause damage. This approach helps to prevent such problems recurring.

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