Business intelligence

In today’s international business environment, conventional due diligence may not always be enough. When the information you require is not in the public domain, G.C LTD’s Business intelligence service can find out what you need to know to make important decisions and prevent deals from encountering hidden pitfalls.




Clients’ needs are as varied as their individual goals, but typically may include the following:

  • Assurance over the integrity and reputation of local management and their business associates
  • Assessment of how local political and economic issues may affect business or commercial decisions
  • Gathering, assimilation and insightful analysis of information from global sources which helps clients to make informed decisions in relation to difficult issues.

G.C Ltd’s business intelligence network cuts across Africa, Europe, and The USA. The sources are individuals rather than companies and come from a variety of backgrounds. All are tried and tested for their ability to provide accurate, current and reliable intelligence which would not have been available in the public domain.
Business intelligence enables organizations to undertake the following important business decisions:

  • due diligence in relation to businesses and/or individuals
  • integrity/reputational checks
  • investigating links to organised crime
  • analysing travel patterns
  • checking political links/aspirations/funding
  • revealing ownership/location of assets
  • explaining business practices/customs/nuances


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