Fraud and Financial Investigation

A rapid and informed response is required in any fraud and financial investigation to limit the impact, safeguard assets and improve your chances of recovering losses.
Finding fraud or other financial irregularity can be a shock and leave management unsure of the appropriate action to take. In fraud investigations, the first few hours can be crucial. G.C LTD provides fraud and financial investigations, dispute resolution support and expert witness services to mitigate fraud and financial losses. Our specialist team has substantial experience of investigating fraud and money laundering, and asset tracing as part of regulatory or disciplinary proceedings, and in civil and criminal actions. We act for both the prosecuting authorities/claimants or the defence.

Independent Investigation
We provide an independent investigation, uninhibited by previous or existing relationships. Identifying the cause of a problem, isolating it and addressing its resolution means you can re-establish control, while maintaining confidentiality. Our team has considerable experience of working with fraud regulatory bodies as well as on behalf of private companies and partnerships.
Whether the fraud is a simple purchasing fraud in a private company or requires a complex multi-jurisdictional asset tracing exercise, our specialist team can assist. We advise on your options at the outset based on your specific objectives: 'stop the loss' and review the systems to reduce the risk of fraud recurring; maximise recoveries with minimum of publicity; meet your duties to regulatory bodies; or identify and prosecute the perpetrator in the civil or criminal arenas. Acting for the prosecution/applicant or the defence, we provide a rapid and detailed response, identify and secure evidence and maximise your chances of recovering assets.


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