Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Information and communication technology (ICT) is the prime driver of businesses in the presently globalized business world. A firm without appropriate ICT will definitely be left behind. However, getting the right mix of ICT has been the bane of most organizations especially in developing countries like Nigeria. Besides, having and investing in technology itself alone is not enough.  An organization must apply technology effectively for it to contribute to success. With the right results-focused consulting, managers can get to grips with IT and improve their understanding of its role as a key business asset. This is what we provide at GC Ltd.
 We can provide your organization with the right IT services that can help you achieve both short-and long-term business objectives. The team assigned to you can provide business assessments of IT systems and judge whether or not they deliver value for money.
GC Ltd IT Consultancy teams will meet the IT needs of a wide range of clients from small businesses to public companies and government bodies. We achieve this by focusing on the specific needs of your business and help you choose the IT solutions that meet your needs.
IT solutions have to be both practical and affordable, and are tailored specifically to you. We can therefore provide the IT mechanisms that will be suitable and affordable to your organization.
GC Ltd can do the following for your organization:
We provide technical assistance in ICT on the following:

  • Software packages – providing genuine and enduring software
  • Hardware – we can supply computers and accessories as well as satellites and accessories)
  • Website designing and hosting)


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