Project Implementation

When an organization decides to promote a new business initiative or revise its objectives or policy in any one operational area, it will initiate a programme of work to deliver the results according to the planned schedules and within the constraints of resource usage, time and budget. Implementation will lead to the delivery of the planned results – be they a changed organization, operations, works, products and/or services – and their entry into production use.
We provide a full range of delivery services to support implementation programmes.





The following are typical service assignments, helping clients:

  • To capture the needs of the business and all stakeholders in a requirements specification. We ensure always that the specification is written in a solution-independent form so that suppliers may innovate their design and build proposals. This gives clients the widest choice of options and enables the best value for money solutions to be identified.
  • To prepare designs of solutions. We ensure that all the stakeholders who will be impacted by the eventual solution are satisfied with the design. We facilitate workshops, give presentations, prepare mock-ups etc. to ensure that constructions prepared to the design will also meet the business requirements.
  • To prepare and expedite the formal correspondence between the programme and the market (the service providers or the suppliers). We also support the work of evaluating suppliers.
  • To prepare terms and schedules of the contractual agreement between the client and the chosen contractors.
  • To design, construct and test software applications to meet business requirements. Our approach to delivering effective integrated ICT solutions is through the partnerships we have established with industry-leading vendors of application development tools.
  • To design and develop e-Commerce data and information flow strategies and implement intranet and Internet systems.
  • To analyse the training needs for an organization. We design training programmes, setting objectives and techniques to be used. We train in-house trainers to provide on-the-job training, contract with external training providers or develop bespoke courses which can be given repeatedly by the client.

We have developed a blend of best practice based on recognised standards or guides and pragmatism based on our experience of delivering value for money solutions to clients which lead to a variety of benefits, as we ensure that:

  • activities planned are completed to schedule using only those resources committed;
  • stakeholders remain assured throughout about progress, the quality of deliverables and the use of budgets and resources;
  • quality acceptance criteria for products and deliverables are met by our specialists and by other suppliers working on the programme; and
  • issues arising are resolved promptly to the satisfaction of users thereby avoiding ‘off-specifications’ and additional risk.


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